Freonskip...A live demo of a LoRaWAN boat tracker

History data (csv) Zoom out to see all gateways that received and forwarded this message. These are the blue markers.test

This page is demo to show an implementation of a typical LoRa IoT solution. In the small village of Woubrugge is one LoRa gateway placed . The antenna is not (yet) placed at it's ideal height so the range is not perfect.

In the mast of a boat lying near De Wijde Aa is a LoRa node, as big as a package of cigarettes. This devices is measuring the position, the temperature and the battery level every 5 minutes. Then it sends this data to the gateway and goes in a sleep mode to preserve power. In this setup there is no external power needed and no wifi or 4G (GSM) subscription. The node is placed on top of the mast at 12 meters height.

Some features

The LoRa node is solar powered. After doing some measurements it turns itself to a deep-sleep mode which results in a power consuption less than 50uAs. With the solarpanel placed on a position where it catches normal daylight, the device doesn't need any external power to keep doing it's job. This makes it an ideal solution for outdoor situations where no power id available

Besides that we have the intention to have full coverage in Kaag en Braassem ourselves, the signal is on the Braassemermeer and Wijde Aa picked up by gateways from the Leiden Area.

This simple setup shows that LoRa is ideal for tracking objects like boats, cars, trailers, generators etc...In areas with LoRa coverage, the investment is less than 100 euros in hardware.

Sodaq LoRaONE

Arduino compatible board
Sodaq LoRaONE

This Arduino compatible board a GPS, accelerometer and LoRa chip on board. It is designed to use extremely low power and can be charged by a solarpanel. Expandable with a base board more sensors can easily be added.



Passing the packets to the internet
lora gateway

With a range depending of the placement of the antenna the gateway can reach up to 10 to 15 km. The increasing number of gatways makes the network coverage better and better. Is you area not covered we can place a gateway near you.

The Things Network

The LoRa(WAN) network
the things network

The Things Network is about enabling low power Devices to use long range Gateways to connect to an open-source, decentralized Network to exchange data with Applications and Platforms.

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